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Effortless Monthly Accounting for Business Owners

Keep your finances in order with our professional monthly accounting services. We ensure precision and organization, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

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Year-End Tax Planning Made Simple

Our team reorganizes and prepares your financial statements and tax returns efficiently. Discover strategic tax plans that reduce your tax burden and keep more of your hard-earned money.

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Confidential Tax Expertise

We work closely with tax lawyers to handle complex matters, providing you with peace of mind and professional guidance.

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Thank you for the pleasure of your Company today!

In over 40 years of service, I have come to know the needs of a variety of clients, from Professional to Retail to Construction, having been partnered in:

  • New home construction for 12 years

  • Retail and daycare ownership for five years

  • Cell phone franchise ownership for five years

  •  And, presently partnered in two ongoing commercial development projects


  • Every client is being advised from business startup, offer to lease, purchase or asset lease, Business insurance, Financial projection, loan applications, incorporations, who should own and why.

  • Our passion is to see YOUR 2-5 years financial goal set for the company and personally.

  • We look at the family and give advice on income splitting and tax deferral,

  • Investment through a holding company to avoid risk to the business.

  • We help in mediating with the banks and landlords.

  • We have helped in mediating with the CRA at the Queen’s Bench level when the lawyers gave up.

  • We have mediated with the City in case of negligence by the City.

  • We have helped mediate with the Lawyer in case of divorce settlement.

  • We have filed for Canadian tax return credits for foreign residents.

Most of all we have been there for the client whenever needed. And, we continue to give the client the best tax and financial advice. If it is beyond us, we involve tax lawyers to join hands with, but we do make sure the client wins! I know that we can give you our best to mutually benefit all of us!

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DIAMOND K ADATIA PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANT offers accounting, bookkeeping, tax services, new business setup, coaching for accountants, and more across Calgary, Alberta.